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What is naprapathy?

Naprapath is specialized in examination, prevention and treatment of musculoskeletal disorders. Naprapathy is based on medical model of health and illness and evidence-based medicine. The education in Finland is organized by Kymenlaakso University of Applied Sciences: education lasts 4 years and consists of 240 credits.

What kind of disorders can a naprapath treat?

Naprapath treats the entire musculoskeletal system’s acute and chronic disorders. Different kinds of problems in the spine are the specialty of a naprapath. For example sciatica, disc problems and facet joint locks can all be treated by naprapath. Naprapath can also help in other disorders like knee pain, symptoms in the upper limbs, tension headaches, TOS-syndrome and shoulder problems.

Treatment options of naprapathy

Important part of a naprapath’s job is through examination of the patient and diagnosing. In that way the best possible treatment option and approach can be selected. The treatment options include joint manipulation, joint mobilization, nerve tissue mobilization, different kind of strechtechniques and soft tissue handling. Important part of the treatment is active exercise therapy. The treatment can also include electric therapy, ultrasound therapy, taping, heat therapy and ergonomic guidance.